You Can Be A Miracle Worker

For around 20 years The Community Thrift Store in Jasper, Georgia has been doing a miraculous good by donating about $9,000,000,000+ to area non-profits …improving the lives of people!

Founder, Don Russell, was touched by the poverty in Pickens County and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to begin the store. Doing good to everyone was in his heart!

Don issued the invitation and people brought stuff … sofas, beds, clothes, books, pots and pans, clothes, toys, pictures and more clothes. Russell would often remark about his pants, shoes, shirt and shoes … a bargain at $2.50.

The Jasper Miracle Thrift Store added the second piece of the puzzle which were the volunteers! Six days a week an army of 140 volunteers unload, sort, price, display and sell items that were donated to the store … folks so committed that they joyously give their time and talents to run the store.

Paul’s letter to Galatians comes to mind when I see all the volunteers at work …
“let us not grow weary in doing good.”

The Christian Galatians had divided themselves between Jewish and Gentile Christians. Nothing unusual for humankind to think some of them are better than others!

The Miracle of the Thrift Store is that the community gives their stuff, volunteers process it, the community buys what others have given and around 20 Pickens nonprofits improve the lives of their clients.

Come volunteer and you can be a Miracle Worker, too … email Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Browning or call 706-253-0520.

Max Caylor, CTS Chaplain