Treasure Hunters

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Guess how many cars were in the front parking lot Tuesday morning at the Thrift Store? It was full … 32 parked cars of treasure hunters!

A treasure is something of value and our community friends were looking for items of value for a good price! A Bargain!

Our second set of community friends donate items they no longer need or want and our treasures get restocked daily! Praise the Lord!

These are two Tuesday happy shoppers! The little girl said, “I like this store as she tightly held her new Valentine bear … her new treasurer!

Here is a Tuesday volunteer hugging an arm load of clothes freshly priced for the store! Her treasurer is serving, helping, making a difference!

Also, I counted the cars/trucks in the rear parking lot …it was almost full with 22 volunteer cars/trucks!

Our scripture verse says “where your treasurer is, there will be your heart will be, also!” Kathy has a list of 140 Volunteers in her notebook… all people whose Treasure is service because what you do comes from your hear!

Thank you for your heart!
Max, CTS Chaplain

Please let me know of prayer needs or anything I can do to assist you in life’s adventure!